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In this day and age everything is about accessibility. We want things now and instantly. I will admit I am one of them. When I go to a site to sign up for something to discover that you can’t do it online its beyond frustrating. You wonder if you should even bother when only a couple of years ago that’s just the way businesses worked.

Now more than ever the web should be at the forefront of how your costumer service extends to the web. Do you have instant chat set up so that way you can on the spot ask a question to a representative? Is your phone number easy to find? Can you sign up and purchase items with no hassle?

These things are important if you want your business to look professional. That way users know that you have them in mind and will go above and beyond on customer service virtually. Making a good impression on them even before they stepped in the door.

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  1. Alicia Says:

    I agree completely.

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