the power of the community

If you are skeptical about the importance of a community manager for your organization, listen to this story. This morning I posted a tweet about how awesome the Nirvana station on Pandora was. A few minutes later I get a reply from a friend saying the AOL radio alternative station is her preference. I reply to that, that I have never tried it because I have an aversion to anything with AOL in the title. We joke back and forth. A few minutes later I get a message from @AOLradio saying, “Give Radio a chance. You might like us. :)”.¬† You know what I did next, I gave AOL radio a chance. I’m actually listening to it right now. Who knows if I will become a loyal listener or not, but they got me to their site, using their service, dispite my negative notion that everything AOL sucks (ie the dial up service I used¬† back in the 90’s).

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