iphone black screen of death?

I had quite the scare this morning. As I’m leaving the house, I grab my phone to check the time and realize its not responding. Nothing is coming up on the screen at all. I plug it back in, it beeps, but still nothing. I call from another phone, it rings but I can’t answer it. Since I’m running late, I take the phone and go. The entire train ride I’m in a glass case of emotion, how will people get in touch with me, how will I make it though the commute with no music, what if there is an urgent email I need to respond to. Come to find out the world continued on fine without me for 45 minutes: there were no urgent emails, no voice mails. I Googled an iphone black screen, and learned if I press hold and home together for 6 seconds the phone would reset. The problem might have been caused by a faulty charger.  Basically, I overreacted. We get so used to all these gadgets in our life that we start to see them as a nessesity. Sometimes you have to step back and realize it’s a just additional helper, a gadget with flaws that might not always work, but that 99.9% of the time that it does, wonderful.

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  1. Hamzoo Says:

    Thanks for telling me what you did to fix it, I had the exact same problem! Fixed now, phew. :-)

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