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When the office doors close for the day what do we do? Each of us spend our time in intriguingly different ways. Explore the Hobby Lobby for a view into the lives of some ::play:: employees!


Colleen - Graphic Designer



You guessed it mine would be surfing. I never go alone. I always call up my other surfer buddies and we usually go to the same spots either Matunuck, Weekapaug or Narragansett Beach or sometimes the lighthouse in Narragansett (all of these beaches are in Rhode Island). Sometimes we go up north to The Wall in New Hampshire.

Before we leave we check out to look up the surf reports of all of these spots and see what’s getting the most surf. Then we pack up our gear and secure the boards on our roofs and go. Once we get to the beach its a race to get out in the water and see who gets that first wave… then we surf for hours — we usually lose each other but we try to stick next to each other…

We finally leave the beach depending on who’s hungry first and go to some local restaurant and grab a couple of drinks. Then we usually talk/brag about the waves. I don’t have any girlfriends that surf so I am always with a bunch of guys which is fine cause they can be very entertaining. We’re all usually pretty exhausted so everyone passes out on the ride home — minus the driver :)


Rachel - Project Manager



Some facts:
> I have been co-captain of my team since 2005
> I have played 11 seasons
> I have played a bunch of positions, last season I started pitching, and its definitely my favorite.

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