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The end of this week was a bit of a blur. We have been prepping materials for a conference and regardless of how much we plan ahead it always seems a little hectic at the end. Of the materials that we created, the coolest by far was a pocket calendar. The actual calendar was a print piece folded in a unique way, but we also created an interactive version. Check it out at

our favorite projects of 2008

In the spirit of the New Year, I sent out a email to the ::play:: team asking, what was your favorite project of 2008?

Here are the responses:

Colleen - Hands down the calendar pocket planner — It’s my favorite because its just so unique from anything I’ve done. The actual calendar is an origami piece and folds and unfolds in a clever way and it almost has an accordion effect. Designing the layout took a lot of planning and using just basic math to measure it out so it would fold in a neat credit card size. Also the design of the planner is vibrant and fun including little light bulbs indicating little tips each month. I can’t wait until the end user gets to use this and be pleasantly surprised by how it was constructed.

Lance - AbleMy favorite project over summer vacation…. was The Able Restoration Dispatch Board which is part of a larger application that I have been working on.  This really pushed the ASP.NET GridView Control to the limits.  Basically you can add/edit/delete scheduled dates all on the same page.  Additionally you can add/edit/delete the Technicians assigned to the job on a date on that same page.  So we have two different levels of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) on the same page.
able_full_sched1.jpgThen we have the resulting color coded calendar.  The Project Manager has a purple background, the Crew Chief has a red background and then the rest of the technicians have a pink background.   All in all this was a really challenging project and the result is an application that is really cool and workflow-wise is dynamite.

Greg - SH
Mine is definitely the Signature Healthcare video. I loved being able to be part of every stage of it’s development, from writing the script with Laura to actually going on site and filming. I really enjoyed seeing an idea come to life on two giant 16 by 9 foot screens. The final product was exactly what I had hoped for.


hi-tech stage ::play:: @ Signature Healthcare

Every year for the last 10 years ::play:: teams up with the marketing team at Signature Healthcare (formerly Brockton Hospital) to design a ’smokin’ user experience for their Ring of Champions Dinner. It’s a mega fundraiser held every December with community leaders and healthcare staff with food, dancing and an auction. Together we’ve come up with some pretty intense staging (multiple scrims, LED lights, laser lights, fog machine, dancers…). And we produce several videos for main presentation.

Well it’s that time again. This year it will be on December 4th at the Shaws Center in Brockton (home of the Brockton Rox).   Here’s a peek at last’s year’s staging and video program (plus the invitation we designed).  Oh…we built the video program inside watchOut a wicked cool software that lets you slide images across multiple-interlinked screens.

eventstaging_1.jpg eventstaging_3.jpg


::playing:: with Best Plumbing

best_home.jpgWe have collaborated with Best Plumbing as far back as we can remember.  They are a national sales organization providing plumbing supply specialty and MRO products based in Maryland with an awesome group of people.  These guys toss tiny airline-sized bags of “nuts” inside every plumbing part shipped.  And yes, customers call when their free nuts don’t show up in the box.  They’ve built a whole identity around those tiny nuts. Love these guys!

Plus our contact is a big-time barbecue-grillin’ machine. His nickname? The Patio-Daddy-O (yes he cooks on those big grills that you hitch to the back of your truck at competitions. And they even have regular monthly cook-outs for their employees.  Bal - if you’re reading this we hope you’ll write in and send a picture of you behind the grill. (more…)

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