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good stuff to think about

Found this New Yorker Cartoon. I wasn’t sure where the original link was, so I linked to a place selling a posting of it. If you’ve got the original link, let me know. Good stuff to think about….

New Yorker Cartoon

William Coperthwaite’s view on work

“After growing up in a world where the norm is to sell a piece of oneself, it is difficult to imagine another way of living. Where can one look to see work and play united? where vacation, recreation and hobby are ugly words made necessary by a social disease — forced work.”

much rather be in the boat

xkcd comics

neat guy, learned by books and loves computational origami :)

Lance told me about this boy who learned everything from books on the road and went to college at 12 and does all this cool origami paper folding.
He’s so cool and down to earth and happy. What an inspiration for following your heart and living life, simply.

ridiculous. i need to have more fun like this dude.

So today John at work sent me the coolest thing ever. It’s a 224 line palindrome. The entire poem reads backwards the same as it reads forward. Admittedly, it took me a second to catch on. crazy cool.

Holding my new book. Love the opening line.

Holding my new book, a Handmade Life: In Search of Simplicity by WM. S. Coperthwaite (thank you Lance). Haven’t been this excited to read a book since Twilight. I know, seems like an insane comparison, but I can’t always explain why I like divergent things, I just do and that’s the way it goes. lol Couple lines so far from the book as I’ve cracked it open…

“It was just pas midnight when I slipped my canoe into the water at Duck Cove and headed due east, exactly as the instructions said, to the point of shore where he would meet me. ”

“My central concern is encouragement — encouraging people to seek, to experiment, to plan, to create, to dream. If enough people do this we will find a better way.”

living life

People talk about change, but the changing part is wicked tough (the talking is easy).  Today I stumbled onto this guy who explained it so well, what it takes to change. And he’s so cool about it. And he has a cat roaming in the background (haha):

so true.

“It is best to learn as we go, not as we have learned.” ― Anonymous

use best judgment in all situations

 For years Nordstrom’s Employee Handbook was just 75 words containing one rule.

Nordstrom Rules: Rule #1: Use best judgment in all situations. There will be no additional rules.

I love the freedom, simplicity, and responsibility it conveys.

Stumbled upon via 37signals.

part 2: odd void filled. joyful about

presently.jpgRemember back in July (the 26th to be exact) I wrote about an odd void at work that couldn’t be explained? Well back then, we started testing an internal twitter app called and now 2 months later we are finding it joyful. It’s become a cross between a “living corporate newsletter”, a “daily task tracker”, an “elearning” tool for tiny aha! moments at your desk, an “I need help alert” and an “HR I’ll be in at 1pm?” announcer. :)

We can post to it from anywhere —- via text, email, IM or the old fashioned way…just going to the site. It took me seconds to set up all my posting options.


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